Errol Morris

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Kudos to Errol Morris on his Oscar for Best Documentary, forThe Fog of War, produced by and Sen Art Films in association with Globe Department Store. When Morris took the stage-an experience he describes as "good and strange"-and managed to inject an excitable anti-Iraq war remark into his spiel, he also emerged from his own "rabbit hole" of apprehension, finally seeing the end of a long bout of what he dubs "Oscarosis-the months of waiting to find out what's going to happen. The more you tell yourself, 'I don't care what's going to happen,' the more you realize in fact you do care what's going to happen,"Morris groans. "You're completely trapped!" Within days of his release, he was already back in the game shooting for SBC. There'll be no haughty commericals abandonment. "I actually like the balanced diet of films, documentaries, commercials and television-but maybe I can change my day rate," he deadpans.
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