Friends of Fahrenheit

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Industry people who stay to read the credits of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11may recognize the names of some commercials contributors to the anti-Bush box office blast. Broadcast designer and Flickerlab Studios founder Harold Moss, who also contributed the animated short A Brief History of the United States to Moore's 2002 doc Bowling for Columbine, designed and animated a sequence in the film that compares Bush administration members to the cowboys of the old Bonanza TV series, using original footage from the show. "We made the heads feel as natural as possible, but oversized them for the feel of a cartoon," Moss says. In addition, Rhinopost HD specialist and editor Craig Gordon performed the HD assembly of the film, which consists of original footage shot by Moore and his crew; clips from classic television shows; Moss' animated sequence; and broadcast TV footage. In addition to HD work, Rhino performed color correction and worked with Moore on decisions about text and subtitles. Both Moss and Gordon take special pride in being involved in this passionate project. "It's one of those films with a social impact that comes along about once every 10 years, and I felt very strongly that I wanted to be a part of that," says Gordon.
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