Gill's Gay Outing

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Although legally ambiguous gay marriages are cropping up all over the country, it still takes guts just to come out, as seen in DDB/Seattle's startling Gill Foundation "Turnout" campaign, which seeks to increase gay voter participation. Spots apparently document real people on the verge of outing themselves at the office-in states where there's still no legal recourse against workplace discrimination. But as each subject prepares to confront his or her boss, the action stops short, sending audiences to, where they get text on the outcome, not footage, for obvious logistical reasons.

Senior writer Eric Gutierrez and senior AD Jason Stanfield found their inspiration in history. "In our concepting phase, we realized there's probably no moment in the Civil Rights era that better illuminated white folks than the Rosa Parks bus incident. Her small act of courage served as a great national commercial for civil rights."

The team sought to do the same here, tapping documentary filmmaker Doug Pray of the Oil Factory to find their latter-day activists. Advertising on the internet, in weeklies and in various gay publications across the country, "it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack to find people interested in coming out at the workplace," Pray says.

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