Labor of Love

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Many creative teams compare their partnership to a marriage, but Fallon/Minneapolis' newest creatives are actually in it for better or worse. Kris Wixom and Alisa Stengel Wixom, both 27, who joined Fallon from Goodby Silverstein & Partners last month, are the married creative minds behind Budweiser's web-based "Rejected Ads," decadent Haagen-Dazs work and the vivid Ziploc and Milk work at right-as well as the first hires from new ECD Paul Silburn, who moved to Minneapolis earlier this year. The team (known on their reel as "The Wixoms-the creative team that also has sex"), met in 1999 in an advertising class at the University of Texas, and after they started living together, they decided to partner up professionally as well. What was initially a decision of convenience turned into a wise move for the two. "We'd see other teams fighting and going through hell trying to put a book together," Alisa says. "At least we were having fun. There's just no dancing around. If one of us thinks that something sucks, we say it." While they don't have a particular creative process, they do stick to their professional roles, with Alisa as copywriter and Kris as art director. Kris says, "When we were out of school and looking for jobs, people were a little weirded out that we were a couple and a team, but Goodby was the first place to take advantage of having a team that's working literally all the time. The upside is that a lot of people in this business never see their families, but when we travel and work late hours, we do it together. It works out well for us."
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