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Modest Mouse, "Ocean Breathes Salty"

A kid finds a bird-one of the Modest Mice in a crow costume, who lip syncs while being dragged through a field, which is a nice touch. The kid tries to nurse it back to health, but it eventually dies. We checked the lyrics to this track on the web and could make nothing of them, but Chris Milk says his treatment comes directly out of the song, "which deals with death and what may or may not come after it. We had this big bay window at my house growing up on Long Island," Milk recalls. "I spent a lot of time trying to nurse back to health birds that had smashed into that thing-never once did they get better and fly away. Every single one of them died. I think for many kids, it's really their first taste of death." Well, it's a killer vid. Sorry about that.

Director: Chris Milk, Editor: Livio Sanchez, Whitehouse Effects: Kroma

The Cure, "End of the World"

No less a talent than clips goddess Floria Sigismondi could get us to sit through a vid featuring the utterly repellent Robert Smith. Try a different shade of lipstick, Bob, OK? And do something with the bedhead perm already, it's getting a little old. But sit through this clip we did, thanks to fabulous stop-motion animation that gets more and more hyper-ambitious as the vid progresses, until blanched Bob is finally sitting in a sea of ruins.

Director: Floria Sigismondi, Revolver Film Co.

Editor: Michelle Czukar, Panic & Bob Effects: Topix, Toronto Animation: Drew Lightfoot, Headgear Animation, Toronto

The High Dials, "Fields in Glass"

The High Dials are a Montreal band with, judging by this track, a very fine take on vintage '60s psychedelia, as their name so nicely implies. This is a magnificent tune, and it gets a compellingly offbeat treatment from Plates Animation, featuring a ratlike paper pusher who walks through a variety of acid-tinged scenarios. If it were a drink, it'd be a trip in every sip.

Direction/Animation/Editing: Plates Animation, Toronto

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