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My Chemical Romance, "I'm Not OK (I Promise)"

The aptly named My Chemical Romance-they're from New Jersey, the Toxic Garden State-have made a great vid, via Marc Webb, that plays just like a movie preview with excellent use of titles. In fact, it could easily be mistaken for a movie preview-some rockin' teen-angst film starring Jack Black, who somewhat resembles the band's lead singer, Gerard Way. There's a whole lot of outsider-jock school conflict going on here, and if anyone looks like an outsider it's this Gerard guy, who looks like he's way insane, never mind not OK. But this vid is way more than OK.

Director: Marc Webb, DNA Editor: Richard Cooperman, Sunset Editorial

Manic Street Preachers, "The Love of Richard Nixon"

At the moment in New York, Judith Ivey is playing Martha Mitchell at the Public Theater, but we assume that skews to an aging boomer crowd. Why would a band that the BBC calls "Welsh art-punk terrorists" do a song about someone as moldy as Richard Nixon? Maybe because they're Welsh and they're, uh, art-punk terrorists. Moreover, we're told via The Mill that the vid is in fact celebrating Nixon "as a great contributor to world stability whose good deeds were overshadowed by the Watergate scandal." What good deeds? Well, we can probably thank Tricky Dick for the fact that a Hooters is opening in China. Get this: "In the band's ideal world, Richard Nixon would never have resigned; so the video ends not with Nixon's resignation speech but with a fabricated third inaugural address." Now he's FDR with a ski nose. At any rate, 12 days of Flame work at The Mill jazzed up all the stock footage, the Nixon-masked band members cavorting via greenscreen, for what we'd like to think is just a lot of retro-political fun.

Director: Type2Error, Godman, London Editor: James, NWH, London Effects: The Mill, London

Nitro Microphone Underground,

"Still Shinin' "

Japanese pimp-hop! Gangstas from da Ginza! Dig the names on this Tokyo crew: Suiken, Dabo, XBS, Gore-Tex, Deli, S-Word, Maka Chin and Big Zam. Gore-Tex: A human product placement! Deli: Does he come with a pickle? Anyway, there's a very heavy art component to this vid, which boasts "A.M." and "P.M." versions. While the rappers appear to engage in every hoary 'hood cliche known to man, including the Cristal in the limo with the bitches, New York's PanOptic is videogaming the mise-en-scene via what co-director Gary Breslin calls a "liquid explosive city that is constantly deconstructing and reconstructing." It all has the funky future-feel of a virtual Tokyo out of a William Gibson novel.

Directors/Editors/Effects: Gary Breslin/Sam Cole, PanOptic Sound Design: Q Department

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