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Dizzee Rascal, "Dream"

This clip from the youthful Brit hip-hop sensation features Dizzee in a puppet-infested '50s-style children's show replete with innocuous biddy at the piano, the concept brought to brilliant life by Dougal Wilson. Puppet police, winos, thieves, fights, breakdancing-it's like Mister Rogers' worst nightmare. The track is also ace, with a fabulous kiddie chorus lifted from South Pacific. This puts virtually all U.S. rap clips to shame.

Director: Dougal Wilson, Colonel Blimp, London

Editor: Adrenalin @ Rushes, London

Slipknot, "Vermillion"

A decadently goth-tinged but girl-next-doorish cutie pie agonizes her zombielike way through this vid, seemingly surrounded by a swirl of high-speed special effects. But director Tony Petrossian and DP Yon Thomas did it all in-camera, the actress performing in super slow motion. "If the scene required her to walk a distance of 20 feet, she literally took an hour to get there," explains Petrossian. Shooting her in time-lapse brings her speed back up to near normal and throws the rest of the action into hyperspeed. Completely freaky and fabulous, as this haggard but beautiful midnight-dreary wreck of a chick appears in stark daylight scenes, haunted by a butterfly. It even makes us like the song.

Director/Editor: Tony Petrossian, Rockhard Films

Outkast, "Ghetto Musick"

This track isn't doing anything for us musically, but, by hip-hop standards, the vignette-driven clip is a near masterpiece. It features Big Boi as a FedUp delivery guy, encountering all kinds of colorful folks en route. Dave Meyers' great direction alone wouldn't put this over the top, however; what makes it work so well are the Mint VFX animations and titles that run above and below and sometimes across the letterboxed images, which play neatly off the lyrics. There's also a fabulous cameo by a really tiny horse.

Director: Dave Meyers, Editor: Scott Meyer, Outpost Digital Effects: Jerome Cheng, Louis Mackall, Mint VFX

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