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Boy O Boy, "Weapon of Mass Affection"

It's a video, it's a holiday-themed promo, it's a viral phenomenon. It's Marina del Rey, Calif., agency Ignited Minds' clip parody, sung by a fictitious boy band whose members are agency staffers. In fact, the vid was produced entirely in-house. "We were expecting it would be circulated among family, friends and some local industry folks," says IM director of business development Matt Winslow. But the clip, frequently mistaken for the real thing, has caught fire via a ton of downloads, at one point grabbing the No. 5 slot in's Top 100 Music Videos. Which is kind of weird, 'cause Menudo these guys ain't. See for all the fun.

Director/Editor: Brian Kessler, Ignited Minds

Goldie Lookin' Chain, "You Knows I Love You"

Speaking of boy band parodies, Goldie Lookin' Chain, a bunch of off-the-wall Welshmen, are boasting one so sophisticated it's a hit in its own right, never mind the parody. It's skillfully rapped over a completely infectious R&B groove, and the brilliant lyrics do double duty as a barbed pimp-hop dis. For example: "I'll give you a rose, pull out your chair when we eat/Fuck I can't, 'cos in McDonald's it's a bolted seat/Don't matter 'cos I'm here with you/With a medium value meal and a chocolate sundae too." The retarded chorus is like icing on the cake, and Adam Smith's direction covers all the cliched bases expertly.

Director: Adam Smith, Colonel Blimp Editor: Adrenalin @ Rushes

Nas, "Bridging the Gap"

Nas gets together with his father, jazz cornetist Olu Dara, who does one hell of a John Lee Hooker impression, for a delta blues/hip-hop hybrid that's light years ahead of the typical U.S. rap clip. Though the music may be based in Mississippi, the vid has something of a vintage New Orleans bordello look, thanks to hoochie dancers in 1920s lingerie, and choreography that, while still based in all the usual flygirl moves, is somehow refreshingly different and unusually sexy. Way phat.

Director: Diane Martel, DNA Editor: Kim Bica, Lost Planet Effects: Culley Bunker, Base 2

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