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Le Tigre, "TKO"

The directing duo of Juan Monasterio and Arya Senboutara, who go by the smashing name of Rainbows & Vampires, knocks us flat with this Le Tigre clip. The song has a totally B-52's feel; in fact, the band, with the strong female front presence of Kathleen Hanna and Johanna Fateman, is redolent of the B-52's sans the big hair, and that's just fine with us. The middle-aged, by rock standards, Hanna looks snarlingly mahvelous and the band shots, interspersed with inventive retro-flavored animations, make for a perfect, fluid groove-gestalt.

Director/Effects: Rainbows & Vampires, Oil Factory

Editor: Rob Auten, Kroma

Pete Miser, "Scent of a Robot"

Rapper Pete Miser, who makes a point of noting on his website that he's "half-Chinese and half-White," has made a clip that, in the world of hip-hop, is as exotic as the man himself. It's about an office drone of a robot who's programmed to believe he's a man, until he accidentally discovers he's a robot when he gets an errant e-mail with a schematic of his particular model. This puts his life into an existential tailspin. Excellent track with great lyrics, and equally fine direction and CG animation by New York's UVphactory.

Director/Editor/Effects: UVphactory

Regina Spektor, "Us"

Russian-born, New York-bred singer/pianist anti-folkie Regina Spektor, who once opened for the Strokes, oddly enough, makes a bold stroke of her own with this fabulous track, which has a slightly Kurt Weill-ish cabaret feel. The superb video, which plays with film speeds, stop motion and other animation, all the while the camera loving Spektor, who exudes a sort of '40s glamour, is directed by Adria Petty, daughter of Tom-great clips must run in the family.

Director: Adria Petty, The Film Co.

Editor: Holle Singer, Consulate Effects: The Cracker Farm

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