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Zeebee, "Cartoonboom"

This track can't touch Gary Numan's ode to his car, but the video is the work of the directing duo Suk & Koch, who always manage to mix live action and CG in inventive ways. In this clip, they've got a populist Nascar Nation thing going on. The song features an "I love my car" refrain, and the action features a car race on virtual sets, intercut with Zeebee-a somewhat mousy Austrian chick-lip syncing amid what look like malign metal prostheses, a typical Suk & Koch visual flourish, worthy of David Cronenberg.

Director/Editor/Animation: Violet Suk, Martin Koch

Your CodeName Is: Milo, "17"

This band has a killer name and a killer vid. In an indoor arena of green baize, a cute girl and a frumpy, evil matron with a diabolical eyepatch play some kind of bizarrely stylized human billiards game, which involves ritual dance moves. Thanks to great editing and effects, this sport comes off so well it should be in the 2012 Olympics. "I see this video as a cross between watching a televised game of bowls or snooker and some sort of 'straight to video' sci-fi movie," says director Woof Wan-Bau, whose moniker is almost better than the band's. "I wanted the video to evoke the way these kinds of games are televised-it's surreal and almost Zenlike." He's right, it is.

Director/Designer: Woof Wan-Bau, Nexus Editor: Paul Hardcastle, Adrenalin @ Rushes

Plaid, "CaretStick"

Alexander Gelman of Design Machine has made his first music video, for an unreleased track from the electronica guys known as Plaid. The track is a jungle/trance loop, but its minimalism is neatly trumped by the video. It's all-CG, a continuously moving chain link fence, designed to be viewed with 3-D glasses. Pretty cool, actually, in that video art sort of way. "Chain link is one of the themes I'm returning to again and again," says Gelman. "I like the simplicity of the form, which allows for a wide variety of visual textures. I was haunted by the idea of choreographing a fence dance and telling a story without being literal or imposing one's opinion on the viewer. I like artificial environments that don't try to mimic reality; environments that are confident enough to exist in their own right." We're looking forward to seeing what he can do with white picket.

Director: Alexander Gelman Production: Charlex

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