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U2, "Yahweh"

Not a video per se but an animated visual for U2's current tour, this flowingly cool piece, created by Juan Delc n and company at New York's Spontaneous, is inspired by drawings by members of the band for a book of artwork included in the collector's edition of the current album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. "The process was triggered by a test that I did one afternoon-a 20-second piece I created while listening to the song without knowing where it was going to take me," Delc n explains. "The illustrations are very primitive.; I made the black drawings by hand and composited over artwork painted frame-by-frame using very simple technology. I chose that style so that nothing would stand in the way of the message." Would Bono have it any other way?

Production: Slinky Pictures, London

Postproduction: Spontaneous, N.Y.

CD: Juan Delcan Design Director: John Leamy


Canada's Robin Black and his band are hard rockin', makeup wearin' glam guys who have the good sense to not take themselves too seriously. Hence this wonderfully cheesy animated clip from Toronto-based filmmaker Kris Lefcoe, working with Ghostmilk Studios in this all-Canadian production, which looks like all the bad TV animation you've ever seen-and we mean that in the best possible way. It rocks.

Director: Kris Lefcoe/Oil Factory; Ghostmilk Studios, Toronto Design/Animation: Ghostmilk Studios

Beck, "Girl"

The old Mad magazine fold-in technique is brought to new life for this clip, which features Beck lip-syncing around his hometown of L.A., his nagging nerdishness spiced up with startlingly natural-seeming fold-in visual effects, compliments of Motion Theory. "The idea was sparked from the duality of the song," explains co-director Grady Hall. "On the surface, it's very light and playful, but on a closer listen it seems to have some darker themes going through it. It reminded us of Al Jaffee's fold-ins, which often start off whimsical, then fold to reveal a deeper truth or political statement. Also, as native Angelenos, we wanted to reveal a deeper side of L.A.-the side that goes beneath the veneer and glitz of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, into the city's cultural diversity, artistic energy and the creativity and the vibrance of the people who live here."

Director/Postproduction: Motion Theory, Venice, Calif.

CDs: Mathew Cullen, Grady Hall Editor: Jeff Consiglio

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