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Audioslave, "Doesn't Remind Me"

Chris Milk makes another emotionally charged vid in which a remarkably compelling narrative is backed by a great track. This one is centered on a little boy who's a junior boxer, driven by the pain and frustration of the loss of his father in combat. "The simple story is of a woman who loses her husband and a child who loses his father," says Audioslave guitar god Tom Morello. "The bigger picture is that the culture of violence at home breeds a culture of violence abroad, and there's a price to be paid for that-the loss of lives and families destroyed." Adds Milk, "My hope is that the discussion can shift from 'What is the rationale for war?' to 'Is the rationale for war worth its consequences?' " Note the exquisite restraint of one sublime effect of rain on a car window.

Director: Chris Milk, @radical/music Editors: Livio Sanchez, Angelo Valencia, The Whitehouse Effects: Arie Stavchansky, Lion & Le"n

CocoRosie, "Noah's Ark"

Bianca and Sierra Casady are sisters, who, as the band bio has it, were raised separately only to reunite as adults and find their musical muse together. That's a sweet story and so's this video, though the track is so weird it could work equally well as the theme for a children's show or a horror movie. The clip is all whimsical imagery, carousels, unicorns and celestial whatnots, which is held together by the fey sisters, who have the virtue of being distinctly videogenic, even when one is wearing a mustache.

Director: Kai Regan, Zooma Zooma Editor: Mike Colao, Final Cut

Effects: Dave Parker, The Mill

The Greenhornes, "Pattern Skies"

The Greenhornes did the soundtrack for Jim Jarmusch's Broken Flowers, but this vid, made by Cincinnati production/design studio Lightborne, is all about unbroken Flower Power. The guys in the band run around as mock soldiers, firing what might be called hippie artillery at people, which makes wonderful Peter Max-like psychedelic splashes before turning its targets into happy post-Merry Pranksters. Paying tribute to the "tongue-in-cheek band film genre of the '60s," co-director Scott Fredette says of the vid, "Imagine a sort of a Midwestern Help meets The Deer Hunter."

Directors: Dana Hamblen, Scott Fredette, Lightborne

Editor: Jeremiah Shuff, Lightborne

Effects/AD: Tuesday McGowan, Dylan Werner, Lightborne

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