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Korn, "Twisted Transistor"

They used to call Korn nu-metal; at this point you might as well call them old-hat, and maybe the Kornsters are aware of this, since they're played in this clip by black rappers, namely Snoop Dogg (now officially the Bob Hope of hip-hop) Lil' Jon, Xzibit and David Banner. What ensues is the standard Spinal Tap-ish music mock doc, but it's very well-handled by Dave Meyers and very well-performed by the principals, and it resonates as a sort of simultaneous snide indictment of nu-metal and hip-hop-which is really a pretty neat trick.

Director: Dave Meyers, Editor: Scott Meyer, Outpost Effects: Louis Mackall, 20twenty

Kanye West, "Heard 'em Say"

Kanye West, the anti-Fitty, is back with another socially relevant statement, this time featuring a homeless black family given, thanks to a security guard, a free after-hours run in a magic version of Macy's. The clip was in fact shot in the real Macy's by none other than Michel Gondry, with stop-motion animation by Peter Sluszka. This is not at all flashy by Gondry's standards, but the relative restraint is quite appropriate to the subject. Come morning, the family has disappeared; it's all another miracle on 34th Street.

Director: Michel Gondry, Partizan Animation: Peter Sluszka, Hornet Editor: Jeff Buchanan, Lyons Sheldon Prosnit Agency Effects: The Mill, N.Y.

The Strokes, "Juicebox"

This clip, in its uncensored version, has a few things going for it: David Cross as the typical imbecilic Morning Zoo-type DJ; raunchy gay and lesbian makeout scenes; and an ongoing dalliance between a sixtysomething ex-sexpot and a harlequin Great Dane. And that Dane is hot! MTV had big problems with this, running only a bowdlerized version, which director Michael Palmieri refused to lend his name to. "The video is about what pornography does to us, what cheap hookups mean, what technology mixed with sex creates," says Palmieri. "What is it all doing to us as people? The answer to that question is suitably ugly, not sexy." Except for the Dane. Like, woof!

Director: Michael Palmieri, A Band Apart Editor: Hal Honigsberg/Chrome, Michael Palmieri Effects: Encore

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