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The Delays, "Valentine"

In honor of Valentine's Day, we tried to make it through one audio rendition of this Delays single, a piece of treacly elevator disco pop that could only be improved by a Tom DeLay lead vocal. We failed, but with the sound off this clip is a wonder of psychedelic overkill, reportedly involving a solid three weeks of Flame mania at London's Absolute Post. Jellyfish, panda heads, rabbit heads, skeletons, masked bikinied woman brandishing guitars, and something Absolute calls a "fire God" spin around the screen in a busy ballet of kaleidoscopic eye candy, signifying nothing, but, fortunately, frequently obscuring the band. 'Shroomalicious.

Director: Simon Henwood, HSI/Exposure Editor: Final Cut, London Effects: Absolute, London

John Mayer Trio, "Who Did You Think I Was?"

No less an esteemed directorial personage than Gus Van Sant is on hand to oversee a video so simple it could have been made by a stoned junior high school student. Shot in a single take, a guy pulls a vinyl LP out of a milk crate of records, turns and puts it on his platter and drops the needle as the camera settles into a medium closeup of the record and sits there as it spins and the song plays-while we get a completely uncompelling, out of focus view of what, according to Food Chain Films, is the corner of 21st and Glisan in Portland, as seen from someone's apartment window. Toward the end of the tune, which is a killer funk rocker, the camera moves in a bit so we can read the label as the record stops. That's it. Brilliant, but with zero repeat value, even if you're bonged out of your brain.

Director: Gus Van Sant, Food Chain Films

Rogue Wave, "Publish My Love"

You know this band is serious 'cause the frontman changed his name from Zach Schwartz to Zach Rogue. Moreover, speaking of serious, this is a video, per the song title, that's actually about reading. It could be a literacy PSA for ADD-addled Mountain Dew addicts. The fabulously jangly track is backed by a blizzard of pictures as the band plays through a haze of relentless special effects based around the open pages of books, with occasional detours into excellent all-out animation. An easy main selection of Oprah's Clip Club.

Director: Matt Lenski, Rockhard Films Editor: in8Skils Effects: Goodlookin'

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