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The White Stripes, "I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself"

Kate Moss is on a roll. She may even have actually eaten a roll. The former skeletal superwaif has filled out to the point where she looks more or less healthy, and she's got a ton of coverage in W attesting to her newfound interest in being more than a human hanger. She even manages to bring off a low-key homage to pole dancing in this Sofia Coppola clip, which is nothing but beautiful black and white footage of Kate, DP'd by Lance Acord, showing us what she's woikin' wit', though she seems intent on not breaking a sweat, which may be a wry commentary on the song. Nevertheless, any major-band vid that doesn't feature the band at all is a blow for art over commerce.

Director: Sofia Coppola, The Directors Bureau Editor: Chad Sipkin/Consulate

The Datsuns, "Motherfucker From Hell"

Nice song title, huh? And the directing team known as Tomorrow's Brightest Minds went to a hell of a lot of trouble to make it into a video. According to the Oil Factory, after shooting a performance of the song, TBM photocopied the entire video, hand-animated and treated the photocopies, and then reshot the over 4,000 sheets of paper back to film via animation camera. It's vintage '70s-inspired graphics for a vintage '70s-inspired band, and we love it. Motherfuckingly.

Director: Tomorrow's Brightest Minds, Oil Factory

The White Stripes, "The Hardest Button to Button"

OK, it's official. The White Stripes are the new Bjork of music vid, which is to say every clip they make will be some kind of an artsy triumph on the way to one hell of a killer DVD compilation. Hence the presence of Michel Gondry, who has so many tricks up his sleeve we're starting to suspect he invented David Blaine. This vid, set in New York, is all about the retro-psychedelic multiplying of drum kits and amps, presented in a tour de force of jump-cutty editing from Lost Planet. The equipment, and the Stripes, make a stuttering procession in the streets of Harlem, in Riverside Park and in the subway. That's it, but it kills David Blaine in a box.

Director: Michel Gondry, Partizan Editor: Charlie Johnston, Geoff Hounsell, Andy Grieve, Lost Planet Effects: The Mill, New York

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