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Chemical Brothers, "The Golden Path"

A genuinely great tune backs a young office drone (played by the wonderfully named Fran Kranz) as he hallucinates a tie-dyed universe of peace and love on the job. It's hippie, it's dippy and it's trippy. It's like a longform VW commercial (it even kicks off with an image of a psychedelic VW Bus), and, in fact, it's somewhat reminiscent of VW's "Bubble Boy" spot, but this is not to say it's derivative - it's just brilliant, with many delightfully surreal touches and perfect pacing. Chris Milk, drop two tabs and call us in the morning, 'cause you be illin'.

Director: Chris Milk, Editor: Livio, The Whitehouse

Pink, "Trouble"

Pink does a Wild West parody, in which she plays a two-fisted ho - or does she just dress like a ho? - who rides into town, beats up all the guys, imprisons the bad sheriff with the aid of his own handcuffs (bondage!), and liberates all the hos who work above the saloon. We have no idea why she liberates the hos-what else are they gonna do for a living in this one-horse town, stenography? - but as far as we're concerned, any clip with a lot of female-administered fistics in it rules. It's actually sexier than all the dumbass cartoon bladework in that half-movie that should be titled Kill Ten Dollar Bill, and it's free!

Director: Sophie Muller, Oil Factory Editor: Martin Swan, VTR, London

Cooper Temple Clause, "Blind Pilots"

Yeah, another horribly named Brit band, but the video is a definite Pick, though it features a Pan. A guy goes out with his buddies on what is apparently an informal bachelor party, carousing, getting his lap danced and the like, then he turns into a satyr - for real. Yup, he gradually transforms into a randy Goat God, with horns, hooves and a mangy crotch, then he becomes an actual "With a bleat-bleat there"-type goat, wandering an urban nightscape as the clip closes. It's so good we wanted to eat a can, man!

Director: Scott Lyon, Oil Factory Editor: Art Jones,

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