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Courtney Love, "Mono"

As in mononucleosis? This must be the least of scabby, crabby Courtney's ailments. While there's something decadently diseased about her, at the same time she looks tough enough to wipe the floor with all those chicks the parrot media like to call "pop tarts." Courtney be more like Toaster Strudel sprinkle wit' smack. In this wonderful clip, a legion of princessy little girls, who possibly descended from Courtney's vulva in some sort of bizarre cloning ritual, rampage while wielding sci-fi chainsaws. "The idea was sort of Alice in Wonderland meets Mad Max," says director Chris Milk. "The girls were derived from the old Hole 'Miss World' video, in which Courtney plays a beauty queen. There seemed to be something interesting in giving the tiny pageant princesses the tools to rise up against their oppressors."

Director: Chris Milk, Editor: Corina Dennison, Whitehouse Effects: MacGuff Ligne & Process EFX

Steriogram, "Walkie Talkie Man"

Watching a Michel Gondry vid is always a ball. In this case, it's a ball of yarn. This Auckland band's rap-rockish single is way catchy, their debut album goes by the endearing title of Schmack!, and, of course, they're working with Le G‚nie. They ain't no knit wits. In the words of Lost Planet editor Charlie Johnston, "The concept for this video could have only come from the mind of Gondry's perpetually 12-year-old brain." Said concept features a world made of yarn; while the band is recording in a charmingly clever yarn studio, the titular character, some kind of yarn giant, climbs the Capitol Records building and attacks them King Kong style, only to be fatally unraveled. Fabulous stop motion and skeins of fun. A shoo-in for the year's Top 10 list.

Director: Michel Gondry, Partizan Editor: Charlie Johnston, Lost

Planet Animation: Peter Sluszka, Dancing Diablo Effects: The Mill

N.E.R.D., "She Wants To Move"

A great song, and a spacy video that almost lives up to it via some very imaginative composites. As befits the ultra-eclectic N.E.R.D. guys, their flygirls are several cuts above the whop-butted hos seen in the typical hip-hop vid. These girls are classy runway types not notable for their megaback, yet a high point of the clip is the lyric, "Her ass is a spaceship I want to ride," accompanied by a shot of what America's Mars craft may look like if Sir Mix-A-Lot ever takes over NASA.

Director: Dave Meyers, @radical. media Editor: Chris Davis, Outpost Digital Effects: CreoCollective

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