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Britney Spears, "Everytime"

Britney, with the aid of the frequently vid-brilliant David LaChapelle, does it again. She's cooing some forgettable sappy ballad, but the B Girl, looking fabulous as usual, does a faux bathtub suicide scene, and she has bad-boy actor with the dufus name Stephen Dorff on hand to trash an apartment. He doesn't even get a line. We just love it when Hollywood types are lured into music vids to lend nothing but celluloid cachet. Fantastic casting on a bunch of paparazzi from hell, straight out of a Bosch painting. It's better than anything on the Disney Channel, but Britney, forget CDs. Your music was not meant to be heard, it was meant to be seen. DVDs only, hon, OK?

Director: David LaChapelle, HSI Editor: Spencer Susser, Oooh Effects: Company 3

Incubus, "Talk Show on Mute"

Incubus and Floria Sigismondi are back with another tour de force, this one featuring a world of (costumed) animals in which enslaved people appear on a show called Stupid Human Trix. The band is the musical guest on the show, and in the course of the fun there's human sabotage and it's revealed that the simian host is really a man. Better than anything on Animal Planet, this beautifully cut narrative is peppered with inspired shots of chimps, penguins and kangaroos watching the program in their dens. A shoo-in for this year's Top 10 clips; even the song is great.

Director: Floria Sigismondi, Revolver Film Co.

Editor: Holle Singer Effects: Susan Armstrong, Click 3x

Sticky Rice, "Get Lost"

From Toronto comes a garage-raw, punk-sloppy Asian girl band with a fabulously cheesy live-action/cel animation vid. The band is playing in front of a moshing cel-animated crowd, but there's one crabby green skateboard-toting heckler up front, who eventually starts pelting the girls with eggs. The band is transformed into cel superhero types-they chase the villain outside, and a chopstick-hurling battle ensues. Better than anything on the Cartoon Network, and with a lot more violence this would be at home in Kill Bill.

Director: Lisa Mann, Revolver Film Co. Editor: Mark Morton

Animation: Chris Land, Chuck Gammage Animation

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