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They won Fluid's Battle of the Ad Bands during Advertising Week, and then took the title in Fortune's Battle of the Corporate Bands at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Oct. 8. They're Pants, the latest rock sensation from Durham, N.C.'s McKinney + Silver, featuring: lead guitarist David Baldwin (ECD); vocalist and guitarist Andrew Delbridge (executive director of strategy); lead vocalist and guitarist Mitch Bennett (CW); drummer Jerry Bodrie (management supervisor); stage performer Philip Marchington (group creative director); and bass player Wes Whitener (AD) -- who also took home the award (and a new axe) for winning best bass player. Here, Creativity subjects Baldwin and Delbridge to a Tiger Beat-style questionnaire.

Was Fluid's Battle of the Ad Bands a good warmup to the Fortune battle?

Given this was only the fourth time the band had played together in public, yeah it was a good warmup. In particular I think it helped us learn how to cope with receiving the enormous amount of adulation that is heaped on us every time we step on stage in those pants.

Do you guys have a lot of groupies?

We like to call them "panties" rather than groupies. Mitch has the most. I think he bought them from a Victoria's Secret catalog.

How do you find time to practice?

In our free time. We haven't eaten lunch in two years.

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