Wickedly Imperfect

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Court Crandall recently added another title to his multifaceted CV. The Ground Zero ECD, who's also made a name for himself in film, most notably as one of the writers on the midlife cult classic Old School, found himself playing another role this past fall-that of house husband. It turns out that Crandall's wife, Denise, a former ACD/AD at BBDO/L.A. (seen with him here), nabbed one of the 12 spots on CBS' new reality series Wickedly Perfect, which debuted this month. Airing Thursdays at 8p.m., the show pits 12 Martha Stewart wannabes against each other in the Greenwich, Conn., home where the original Stepford Wives film was shot. The missus, whom Crandall says "interior-decorated our whole house and has a flair for that kind of stuff"-adding, perhaps most significantly, "she's a big personality with no gatekeeper"-made a spectacular appearance in the teasers, cutting flowers and snarkily commenting to a fellow housemate, "Oh, stop being a pansy!" In the first episode, she won best individual effort for a candied apple party favor she crafted, and drove home with a spankin' new GMC pickup truck. While his wife styled her heart out back east for five weeks, Crandall was "agency owner by day, Mr. Mom by dinner and screenwriter by night." Too bad he wasn't as adept at the homemaking role as he is with the others. "Kids' homework these days is appalling," he notes. "You'd think my third grader was in college." As for the family's abode, "It became a fraternity again. There were definitely some loosened restrictions, so I think Denise found re-entry kind of hard, with the kids eating at places they didn't used to, and stuff left around because I'm not quite as, what's the word I'm looking for-'OCD' about that stuff as she is."
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