Bob Scarpelli, Chairman, DDB Chicago and DDB U.S.Chief Creative Officer, Chair of Clio TV and Radio Jury

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What did you think of the overall caliber of work you saw at the show?

The overall caliber of the work that won at Clios was quite good. I don't know that there were any major breakthroughs this year, but the overall quality of the winners from around the world was very strong.

Did the work this year reflect a larger industry zeitgeist? Did you observe any trends?

We didn't see any specific trends, but as always, good ideas are good ideas, which is the same "trend" we've seen for 50 years. Good ideas do well in the top shows, and humor continues to transcend cultural barriers.

What did you learn from judging this show?

What I learned from judging the Clios is that in Santa Fe, you can experience four seasons in one day. I always learned that people's opinions of what is in good taste and what is not is highly subjective.

Why did the Grand Clio winners emerge as such?

"Lamp" was the Grand Clio in television because it was an idea that challenged your perceptions and really made you think, which all great ideas do. It played with your emotions in a way nothing else did. We felt it was the closest thing to a groundbreaking idea that we saw. The jury gave the Grand Clio in radio to Bud Light's "Real Men of Genius" campaign because they felt it was incredibly funny, beautifully crafted and continues to be surprising and entertaining.

What are the particular characteristics of this show - in terms of judging, the nature of the winning work, etc.?

Clios are a truly international show. Like any advertising award show, it is only as good as the quality of the jury and the quality of the work they select. I thought this year, we had an excellent jury who made really smart, tough choices. We're all very proud of the reel.

How could awards shows change in the future to reflect the evolution of the business?

Award shows need to embrace and find places for the explosion of all the new media ideas we're seeing, short films and totally integrated campaigns, like the Mini.

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