2007 Creativity Award Winner: Bangkok Insurance "Twister"

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Thai advertising is nothing if not attention-grabbing. Awards magnet Creative Juice/G1 (TBWA) delivered again with this stellar spot, part of a campaign that asks "What if?" in the craziest of calamities. A thief runs into a minimart, fires his gun only to see his bullet ricochet off the walls and hit him in the foot. A tire wobbles off a car, ping pongs off other vehicles across a multi-lane highway and miraculously, finds its way back to its original owner. In this execution, a massive tornado blows through a two-story home, tears it to shreds that somehow, fly back together in a pinch, leaving the original house intact. The probability of such luck, according to the spots, is 1 out of 10,000,000, which is why people should consider having Bangkok Insurance. A familiar bait and switch tactic—but executed with such fresh, in your face wackiness that it earned the favor, and votes, of our judges.

Q&A with Creative Juice/G1 (TBWA) ECD Thirasak Tanapatanakul

Tell us about the origins of this commercial and the campaign.
Thirasak Tanapatanakul: Lucky situations in life don't often happen. The brief was simple. The client wanted to explain that they have house, car, and property insurance. We couldn't say all of this in one commercial, so we turned it into a campaign.

What were the biggest challenges of this particular job?
Tanapatanakul: Brand awareness was very low at the time we met with the client. They hadn't done TV commercials for a long time. They had done some print work, but it didn't have enough impact for Thai consumers. So we urged them to do commercials, print, and outdoor, and the client trusted us.

What kind of results did the commercial see for the client?
Tanapatanakul: After running the commercial in a short period of time, the brand awareness rose very quickly from being No.9 to being at the top. It had a big impact on the consumers.

What are the challenges of creating great advertising in your country?
Tanapatanakul: Thailand is a very tough ad market. Agencies are producing very good commercials each week. So we've got to do ads of a high standard. Once anyone has a great new campaign, other clients always want to beat it.

What kind of role does the television commercial play in the Thai advertising industry?
Tanapatanakul: The television commercial is the big thing here. People enjoy watching. And now we are focusing more on the future of advertising as well.
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