2007 Creativity Award Winner: The Ipod Shuffle

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While Apple's video iPod and Nano seem to garner most of the fame, the portability and presentation of the company's newly redesigned Shuffle got our judges' attention. Weighing half an ounce and stretching barely one and a half inches, the Shuffle 2.0 is virtually akin to a brooch, a rectangular-shaped micro-machine that emphasizes both minimalism and modernity.

Apple's tactical mantra—"wear music on your sleeve"—was made made all the more possible with the Shuffle's minimalist design, which comes equipped with a built-in clip that lets consumers latch 1GB worth of music onto shirts, jackets, pants, and likely even hats if one were so inclined. Its wearability has inspired the company to apply a fashionista ethos to its language surrounding the device. One gander at the Cupertino, California giant's Shuffle site reveals catchphrases like "ready to wear," "remix and match" as well as "one size fits all."

Now with five colors to choose from, the Shuffle features some of the same functionality as its tablet-shaped predecessor. Only this time, though, instead of the original's plug-in flash drive style, there's a separate USB adapter and dock to sync with iTunes, almost suggestive of a pedestal showing off the innovative new design. For audiophiles and music hogs, the Shuffle might play third wheel to its larger, more spacious counterparts. But in terms of sheer aesthetics, it can't be matched, scoring yet another creative coup for Steve Jobs & Co.

Meanwhile, the new tiny design leaves some big shoes to fill for its marketing counterparts, says TBWA/Chiat/ Day/L.A. ECD Duncan Milner. "A tiny half-ounce iPod with a built-in clip that lets you wear your music right on your shirt sleeve? Pretty cool. And yet another challenge to do advertising that's half as good as the products Apple asks us to advertise."
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