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With the success of Halo 3 seeming larger than life, we asked Matthew Gratzner and J. Alan Scott to scale the world of Master Chief down to size and give us a peek behind the scenes at the mayhem that ensued behind the walls of Stan Winston and New Deal Studios. We also discover how director Joseph Kosinski managed to navigate the thin line between live action and special effects in his work for McCann Erickson's Gears of War and Halo 3 spots. And if that isn't enough, let your eyes and ears indulge in some of our top spots of the month, including Q&A's with trigger happy director Malcolm Venville on his "Kill The Gun" PSA and Iceland's Snorri Bros. Don't forget to check out Frontlines, where you can get the inside scoop on today's client/agency relationships and a pre-pubescent Rambo! Lastly, see who's slinging mud at British Airways and Xbox 360's new work in our Guest Review.
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