The Kafka Questionaire: Benjamin Palmer

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Benjamin Palmer, The Barbarian Group
Benjamin Palmer, The Barbarian Group
If you were banned from using the word "awesome" what would you replace it with?
TERRIFIC. And I am totally ahead of you on this one, I have been slightly worried about "awesome" going out of fashion so I have been practicing the word "terrific" for a couple months now, how to say it without it sounding sarcastic. It's pretty hard.

What's the nastiest thing you ever said to a client?
That's a terrible idea.

Who would you most like to see Donny Deutsch interview on The Big Idea?
Himself, in a mirror.

Who's the most underrated advertising icon?
The Morton's salt girl

What do you see when you look up at the glass ceiling?

Martha Stewart recently debuted a new line of goods at Macy's. What's her next conquest?
Car interiors

What's your fashion tip for any of the upcoming presidential candidates?
Hillary should go on Tim Gunn's show.

What's the title of the first feature-length cellphone porn vid?
What's That in Your Pocket?

Happiness is. . .

What's the great undiscovered ice cream flavor?
Cucumber. And if this is actually discovered already I totally want some.

What's worse than getting coal in your stocking?
Getting biodiesel in your stocking

What kind of guy buys a Hummer?
The kind of guy who will get An Inconvenient Truth in his stocking.

What's the biggest phobia in the advertising world?
Getting found out.

Invent the most preposterous name for a sports arena.
Mrs. Field's Field

What will ultimately bring on the demise of reality television?

What is the subservient chicken doing right now?
Sucking up bandwidth.

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