September - Top Production Companies

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Behind the steely gaze of Ridley and Tony Scott dwells an overfull issue, brimming with our special report on the Top Production Companies, a look at production shifting away from the :30 commercial spot, a visit with Mekanism and, of course, a comprehensive summary of the careers of the Scott clan, if, by some strange coincidence you've been unaware of movie theaters and television in the last 40 years. Never forget the editors and their Editors Roundtable; they harvest drama from the insipid depths of tired narrative and grow laughs from many a stale porridge of a script set in an office.

Moving forward (yes, there's much more!) we caught up with graffiti artist Dalek who's signed on to become design director at Transistor, kicked it with Chelsea Pictures director Chris Wilcha, looked at new stock option Lensmodern and asked the question that's been on the tip of everyone's tongue: Was Leo Burnett right to blow up Fox's spot over idea credit on the summer's Simpsons movie work? Agencies utilize the newest in communications software to keep in touch in our Tech Page and Little Minx gets gamey in Frontlines. We've also got all your favorite regular columns: Guest Review, Unleashed, and more.
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