Aaron Sorkin 'Apologizes' (Sort of) for His Steve Jobs Movie

Screenwriter Takes to Trevor Noah's 'Daily Show' to Repond to the Pre-Backlash

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Though "Steve Jobs," the movie, doesn't open until Friday (in New York and L.A.; nationwide on Oct. 23), it's already facing a backlash from some who knew the Apple co-founder, thanks to trailers that seem to suggest that the great man was maybe not so nice. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin took to Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" last night to respond to his critics.

"The people saying that haven't seen the movie, actually," he told host Trevor Noah, "so they don't know what I made him look like. But I apologized right away anyway because I realized, you know, it is a building full of people" -- referring to Apple HQ -- "that can hack into my hard drive and do anything they want. ... I'm absolutely done with Silicon Valley. You don't want to make these people mad at you -- you really don't."

(There are also complaints that the movie doesn't go nearly far enough in portraying Jobs' dark side, but that will have to be another interview.)

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