Super Bowl's Twitter Winners? Coke, The Simpsons, Brett Favre, Betty White ...

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In the afterglow of the Big Game, a few notes and observations from the Republic of Twitterlandia:

  • First, a reminder that if you missed any of the spots, or if you just want to watch them again, you can view them all here.
  • Get Ad Age ad critic Bob Garfield's take here.
  • A chart tracking every single spot would be a unreadable morass of intersecting lines, so I focused instead on a subset of Super Bowl spots that used celebrities to sell -- tracking both the brand and the celeb to see which had more Twitter buzz. (The Letterman-Leno-Oprah spot, which was off the charts on Twitter, is excluded from this mix because it was a CBS house ad. Interestingly, the hyphenate term "Letterman-Oprah-Leno" hit Twitter's trending topics lists primarily because of people tweeting links to New York Times coverage of how the spot was made, rather than buzzing about the spot itself.)
  • Coca-Cola: Hard Times
    Coca-Cola: Hard Times
  • An informal review of sentiment -- conducted by checking the 50 most recent tweets that name-checked both a given brand and its associated celebrity (e.g., Megan Fox and Motorola) -- suggests that, at least with this subset of spots, consumers were mostly very happy with the match-ups. For instance, Coke triumphed with its Montgomery-Burns-in-the-poor-house Simpsons spot, with both brands getting name-checked appreciatively.
  • Future Brett Favre got a lot more Twitter lift than the Hyundai, the brand he was hawking.
  • Betty White of Snickers spot fame actually came in right behind Megan Fox (of Motorola-in-the-bathtub spot fame) in Twitter buzz. Yay, Golden Girl!

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