How to Create Viral Content: A Crash Course

'Daily Show' Correspondent Jordan Klepper Teams Up With Former Gawker Writer Neetzan Zimmerman to Explain How to Create Viral Content

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In our Clip of the Week, "Daily Show" correspondent Jordan Klepper visits with the earnest, well-meaning journalism students who put together the University of Michigan's student newspaper, and then separately interviews former Gawker writer Neetzan Zimmerman, who made his reputation racking up millions of pageviews with highly viral posts. Zimmerman offers up tips on "journalism" circa 2014 that Klepper then takes back to the students, and hilarity -- or something (resignation? disillusionment? soul death?) -- ensues. In the segment, which originally aired Wednesday night, Zimmerman almost appears to be trolling himself, so good is he at tossing off anti-journalistic bon mots like "Nowadays, it's not important if a story's real; the only thing that really matters is if people click on it."

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