Cala Boca, 'Inception'! PLUS, Introducing Biebsquare: Foursquare for Justin Bieber Fans

Dumenco's Trendrr Chart of the Week

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Some notes about, and context for, the latest weekly Trendrr chart, a collaboration between Advertising Age and social-media tracking service Trendrr Pro:

  • On July 21 in this space, I wrote a piece titled "How 'Inception' Became the New World Cup (and/or Justin Bieber)," in which I reflected on the omnipresence of Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller in Twitter's Top 10 Trending Topics list. Little did I know that nearly a month later, "Inception" would still be big-footing Twitter. And so, in the spirit of the "Cala Boca Galvao" meme that took over Twitter during the World Cup, I'm going to tweet -- any minute now -- "Cala Boca, Inception!" To jog your memory, Galvao Bueno is a Brazilian sportscaster who so annoyed Brazilians during the World Cup that they started tweeting "Cala Boca, Galvao" -- basically: "Shut up, Galvao." And then assorted Brazilian mischief-makers pretended that the phrase had something to do with saving an endangered bird, a Twitter meme that took on a life of its own. (For more background, see my colleague Laurel Wentz's piece, "In Twitter Joke, Brazil Invents Story Around Phrase 'Cala Boca Galvao.'")
  • For the record, though, "Inception" tweets are trending downward. It's just that there seems to be no other pop-cultural or news meme that has its staying power right now. Since we started tracking it on Trendrr, a week before "Inception" opened in the U.S. on July 16, it's been name-checked an astonishing 1,607,075 times on Twitter.
  • Just to put that in perspective, take a look at the trendline of tweets that name-check "Bieber" -- i.e., former Twitter King Justin Bieber. (And that doesn't count all the many variations on his name, including "Bustin Jieber," that fans tweet in an attempt to get him to trend in multiple ways.) Actually, the 16-year-old pop star would surely still be Twitter King if Twitter hadn't effectively banned him from their Trending Topics list.
  • Since everybody's buzzing about location-based services (LBS) this week -- see Ad Age Editor Abbey Klaassen's overview of all the talk: "Facebook's Geo-Targeting Plan ... Finally Here?" -- we decided to look at how many people have been sharing their Foursquare check-ins on Twitter, which is easy enough to do (with Trendrr Pro), because every such tweet contains a URL containing "" (e.g., Twitter user cubswm's post earlier today: "I'm at Redbones Barbecue (55 Chester St, at Elm St., Somerville)")." Well, look at that: Generally speaking, checking in on Foursquare is more popular than tweeting about "Bieber"!
  • There's a lot of speculation that Facebook's new LBS initiatives could spell trouble for Foursquare. My suggestion to Foursquare: While you still can, merge with Justin Bieber. Harness tween power to take your game to the next level, yo! (Forgive me: I'm trying to think of how The Biebs might put it.) Biebsquare, anyone?

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Dumenco's Trendrr Chart of the Week is produced in collaboration with Wiredset, the New York digital agency behind Trendrr, a social- and digital-media tracking service, and Curatorr, a social media filtering and publishing platform. More background here. Trendrr offers a free trial account; Trendrr Pro, which offers more robust tracking and reporting tools, comes in various paid flavors (get the details here).

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" media columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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