OK, So Teens Don't Tweet. But Pretend People LOVE Twitter!

Dumenco's Trendrr Chart of the Week

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So you probably saw that Nielsen has declared that "Teens Don't Tweet; Twitter's Growth Not Fueled By Youth." But who needs youth when you've got old people ... and pretend people?

As part of my continuing campaign to aid and abet "Mad Men" mania in advance of the third-season premiere, this installment of the Trendrr Chart of the Week tracks the Twitter followers of Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Joan Holloway, Pete Campbell and Peggy Olson. A few observations:

  • How great is it that Twitter transcends the space-time continuum? My presumption is that "Mad Men" characters are somehow tweeting directly from the '60s -- using, I'm thinking, early toaster-oven-sized prototype cellphones with abacus-like interfaces (cellular technology actually dates back to work done at Bell Labs in the '40s, so it's possible, right?). Then again, Twitter has only existed since 2006, and the rudiments of what would eventually become the internet only sparked to life in 1969, so ... you know what? Now my head hurts.
  • A reminder: You have until the end of the day on Aug. 14 to enter my Media Guy's Pop Pick giveaway of "Mad Men" season two on Blu-ray. (To be eligible, you must be real and exist, more or less, in 2009.)
  • Yay for Peggy Olson! You'd think Don Draper would have more followers -- and he used to -- but Peggy is the runaway "Mad Men" Twitter champion thanks to tweets like this: "So much copy due today, I hardly had time to look up. Certainly no time for lunch. Now everyone is gone. Guess I'll have to drink alone."
  • I feel your pain, Peggy.

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