What Would Happen if 'The Situation' Wore His Pants on the Ground?

Dumenco's Trendrr Chart of the Week

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Because pop-culture junkies cannot live by Lenogate alone, this week's Trendrr chart -- possibly the most important Trendrr chart in the history of Trendrr charts ever -- takes a look at Twitter buzz surrounding something other than Coco and The Chin. A few notes and observations:

  • As Adam Ostrow wrote on Mashable, "It appears that we have the year's first mega viral hit. 'Pants on the Ground,' an original medley performed during 'American Idol' auditions by [62-year-old Atlanta civil-rights activist] Larry Platt, is seemingly everywhere this past week, from Jimmy Fallon's late-night show to the Minnesota Viking's locker room." (Thanks, Brett Favre!)
  • The Situation
    The Situation Credit: MTV
  • Looking for Platt's performance, or Brett Favre's cover, on YouTube? Good luck. Fox appears to be cracking down, forcing YouTube to pull them and other iterations, apparently in hopes of driving traffic to the 'AI' site, where the only authorized clip of "Pants" appears. ("Pants on the Ground," you see is, um, intellectual property that must be zealously guarded -- and monetized.)
  • My condolences to Snooki, The Situation and Pauly D -- the stars, of course, of MTV's wonderfully awful and awfully wonderful reality-TV hit "Jersey Shore." Larry Platt is bigger (well, mostly) than all y'all bitches on Twitter lately!
  • That is all. I have no further notes and observations. My brain hurts and I'm going to go curl into the fetal position under my desk.
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