Fab.com Sold 20,000 Magazine Subscriptions Last Month

The Media Vanguard Award-Winning Daily-Deals Site Helps Find New Readers for Glossies

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Some of the titles that were available in Fab.com's magazine pop-up shop
Some of the titles that were available in Fab.com's magazine pop-up shop

Last month I wrote about the "Our Favorite Magazines" pop-up shop launched by Fab.com, the design-centric daily-deals site that won a 2011 Media Vanguard Award. Last week, when I stopped by Fab's Manhattan HQ for a chat with CEO Jason Goldberg, I asked him about some recent sales highlights. He said that magazine subscriptions did very well and he promised to get me more specifics once they dug into the numbers.

This just in: Fab.com sold 20,066 subscriptions last month with the top five sellers in order being Elle Decor, Draft, How, Bark and Lucky. The "Our Favorite Magazines" pop-up shop was open just a little over two weeks (Dec. 1-15), but Elle Decor did so well that Fab gave it an extra two-day hit of exposure starting on Dec. 28 in its regular batch of daily flash sales. It's worth noting that there was one tablet-only publication in the pop-up shop -- News Corp.'s The Daily -- as well as several titles (including Metropolis, How and Print) that were available as digital subs in addition to print subs.

Thanks to Peter Kafka of AllThingsD, we know that the new Apple Newsstand has given the iPad edition of Popular Science a healthy boost in sales; see his Dec. 23 post for a striking growth chart. As Kafka pointed out, "Pop Sci is a title that resonates particularly well with the iTunes market." Meanwhile, over at Fab, a home-design magazine, a beer bimonthly, a graphic-design journal, a magazine for dog owners and a women's shopping glossy resonate -- which says some interesting things about the demographic/psychographic of Fab shoppers.

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