A War Against 'Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt About BlackBerry' Opens Oddly

Senior VP-Marketing Mark Wilson Introduces the BlackBerry Fact Check Portal

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A BlackBerry launch event.
A BlackBerry launch event. Credit: Blackberry

"Competitors" have been "trying to incite fear, uncertainty and doubt about BlackBerry." (You know who you are.) This according to BlackBerry Senior VP-Marketing Mark Wilson's post explaining the just-launched BlackBerry Fact Check Portal, "a place for us to hold our competitors accountable for what they say, when what they say is wrong. We'll provide evidence that BlackBerry continues to be a leader in mobile, and we'll expose 'smoke and mirrors' marketing tactics by competitors."

This should be fun! BlackBerry not only still has a pulse, but it's feeling feisty! This morning there was even a corporate tweet calling attention to the effort:

Those are boxing gloves, I'm guessing? (Will the gloves, having been put on, come off at some point? Given that BlackBerry is a Canadian company, maybe not; perhaps they're just too nice to actually want to break someone's nose.)

Anyway, loud fact-checking efforts have proven to be effective PR strategies in the past. And I'm definitely pro-facts ... which is why I hope the BlackBerry Fact Check Portal takes on this opening line in Wilson's post:

"BlackBerry has been in the limelight for many reasons, with people talking about everything from the unmatched reputation of our security to the latest device rumors to our vision for the Internet of Things. We expect this; we know we're one of the most watched brands out there and our transformation is on public display."

Really, now. Those are the main reasons people have been talking about BlackBerry? (Cough.)

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