Should Foursquare's Founder Help Company Morale by Using Foursquare Less?

Some Employees Seem to Resent Crowley's Check-Ins

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Well, this is fun: Business Insider is out with a post titled -- in typical overheated Business Insider fashion -- "Foursquare Morale Hits A New Low And Employees Look For Ways Out." The gist of the piece is that, with Tumblr recently making a lot of its team rich by selling out to Yahoo, the non-acquired workers at fellow New York social-media start-up Foursquare are feeling a little down in the mouth. And maybe a little resentful of Dennis Crowley, Foursquare's CEO and co-founder, because:

Crowley, who has always shared a lot about his personal life online, is continuing to do so despite his company's struggles. While his twitter feed is made up of a lot of Foursquare content, it's also dominated by pictures of Crowley running, relaxing or vacationing with friends. To some, it seems inappropriate.

"I think he lacks self awareness which is the issue ultimately," one person said of Crowley. "You don't tweet about all your travels when things are hard. I'm not saying he isn't deserving of a life but keep it private."

I'm going to hope/presume this source -- "one person" -- works at Foursquare, because that would make it extra awesome. (A Foursquare employee suggesting someone should keep stuff about their lives private. Hilarity ensues!)

Meanwhile, according to one person -- me -- a good time can be had by checking out some of Dennis Crowley's Foursquare check-ins, as crossposted on Twitter, including:

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