Frankly, We're Concerned About the GOP's Hillary Clinton-Stalking Squirrel

The GOP's Documentary Raises More Questions Than It Answers

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Yesterday the GOP released a video on YouTube titled "Campaign Tails," which is a "new documentary video" -- as the GOP describes it -- "starring the squirrel who has been tailing Hillary Clinton and the Ready for Hillary bus on her 'book tour.' The video delves into the squirrel's past work in 2008, his disappearance, and his return to the political stage."

(You may recall that last month Hillary actually approached the squirrel and cheerfully handed it a copy of "Hard Choices"; ABC News posted video of their encounter with the headline "Hilary Clinton Gives Her Book to Republican Squirrel.")

The video seems to be part of the GOP's rebranding from the Obamacare Must Die party to the Stop Hillary party. In a statement, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says that people are curious about the squirrel and have been "asking about everything from his previous work against ACORN to his name. This in-depth account of his past work, his hiatus from politics, and his return should answer many of those questions. Watching this video is not a hard choice."

Well, I did watch the video -- and so did 2,418 other people so far, according to YouTube's view count as of this writing (take that, DNC!) -- but I've still got a lot of questions and, frankly, concerns. For starters:

1. The video shows the squirrel working in the RNC office. Previous news accounts have identified it as an RNC intern. Is this a paid or unpaid squirrel internship?

2. Has the squirrel been properly documented?

3. Has the squirrel been tested for rabies?

4. If the squirrel does have rabies, would its treatment be covered by Obamacare -- and would the GOP decline such treatment on principle?

5. If the squirrel is not an actual squirrel, but a guy in a squirrel costume, well, is the GOP tolerating a furry? Because that seems more like a liberal or libertarian thing.

6. Vanity Fair once said of the world of furries: "It's sex; it's religion; it's a whole new way of life." What is Focus on the Family's position on furries, and by consorting with a known furry, does the GOP leadership risk alienating its evangelical base?

7. The squirrel often wears a t-shirt that reads "Another Clinton in the White House is Nuts." My understanding is that most, if not all, squirrels actually love and cherish nuts. What sort of mixed message is the GOP sending here?

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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