Beyond the French Fry Burger: 11 More Awesome Burger King Menu Ideas

A Hamburger Patty Topped with Four French Fries? Yeah, We Can Top That

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Burger King's $1 French Fry Burger
Burger King's $1 French Fry Burger
You may have seen the rather amazing news that, starting Sept. 1, Burger King will offer a $1 French Fry Burger at its restaurants. As New York's Daily News reported,

The burger, which clocks in at 360 calories and 19 grams of fat, is a relatively novel offering, but doesn't require any extra investment from Burger King; it's basically a standard beef patty topped with four of the chain's French fries.

The French Fry Burger is, of course, a shameless media stunt -- an attempt by Burger King to draw attention to its low-price BK Value Menu offerings. Our response: D-minus for effort, Burger King execs. But A-plus for conservation of energy! (As Ad Age Deputy Managing Editor Michael Learmonth put it, "When I throw a couple French fries on something, I call it innovation.")

That said, McDonald's is just going to continue to expand and promote its Dollar Menu, so you're going to have to step up your game, BK serfs, if you really want to compete. So get back to work-ish!

The good news is that we're available for consulting -- and we've got some fresh ideas for more low-effort menu items that we think are pretty much just as brilliant as the French Fry Burger. And just like the French Fry Burger, everything below utilizes items that are conveniently already on the Burger King menu -- recombined in incredibly imaginative, lip-smacking ways.

1. The Burgerless Whopper. A bun, cheese, pickle, onion, lettuce and tomato. No meat.

2. The Deconstructed Whopper. All the standard Whopper ingredients individually laid out on a tray.

3. The Swedish Whöper. A standard Whopper served with its top bun placed off to the side, like an open-faced sandwich. Enjoy America's favorite burger with a traditional Swedish twist!

4. Burger King Chicken Tomato Soup. Chopped-up Burger King Chicken Strips in a bowl of microwaved Heinz ketchup. Yum!

5. French Fry Burger Deluxe. A standard beef patty topped with 25% more French fries (five instead of four) than the standard French Fry Burger.

6. Burger King Burger Fries. Is the new French Fry Burger too edgy for you? If so, try our Burger King Burger Fries. Leftover burger meat is crumbled on top of a serving of fries. (Available with cheese for an extra $0.49.)

7. Ranch Cherry ICEE® Onion Ring Wrap. Onion rings are placed on a delicious white flour tortilla, topped with KEN'S® Ranch Dressing and doused with a Cherry ICEE®. The kids will love it!

8. DIY Whopper Sliders. A Whopper that comes with a plastic knife, so you can slice your Whopper into four or more delicious, bite-sized Whopper sliders.

9. The DIY Whopper Jumbo Slider. A Whopper that comes with a plastic knife; just don't use it.

10. The "Carb-Lovers" Double-Bun Whopper. A delicious Burger King bun, defrosted, buttered and toasted, placed on another delicious bun, also buttered and toasted!

11. Burger King Sweet-and-Sour Iced Tea. A cup of iced tea that's been left sitting out, unrefrigerated, for a few days. (Comes with a spoon in case you want to skim off any "toppings" that may have formed.)

David Teicher and Simon Dumenco are co-founders of the nonexistent New York-based fast-food brand consultancy Fast Feeders Anonymous. Teicher moonlights as associate editor, startups and,events, at Advertising Age; follow him on Twitter @Aerocles. Dumenco is also editor-at-large and "Media Guy" media columnist for Ad Age; follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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