'Glee' Gleeks vs. Justin Bieber Beliebers: The Twitter War Is on!

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OK, so I think I figured out a solution to Twitter's Justin Bieber problem (i.e., the fact that the 16-year-old Canadian pop star has become basically a permanent feature of Twitter's "Trending Topics" list, thanks to his rabidly tweeting fans). I'll get to that in a moment, but first a few notes and observations about this week's Trendrr chart:

  • "Glee," which is possibly the most Twitter-ready show on TV, is back on Fox's schedule after a long hiatus. If you're a fan of the show (I am), you know that its writers specialize in crafting totally brilliant little bits of dialogue that are tailor-made for a world with a 140-character attention span. Find yourself LOL-ing at a line uttered contemptuously by the Sue Sylvester character? Just type it into Twitter search and you'll discover that dozens, if not hundreds, of Gleeks have already enshrined the line ... in the Library of Congress! Seriously; as I noted last week, the library recently announced that it is "acquiring" all tweets so that future generations -- with, presumably, only five-character attention spans (mostly grunts and moans) -- can look back with wonder on the Twitterature of our time.
  • 'Glee'
    'Glee' Credit: Fox
  • How much of a Twitter phenomenon is "Glee"? On Wednesday, April 14 -- the first full day after it returned from hiatus -- it was name-checked in an astonishing 181,741 tweets. (In its peak the previous night during its broadcast, it scored 44,825 tweets in one hour.) Last week that poor Justin Bieber kid managed a one-day peak (on April 16) of just 71,495 tweets.
  • "Glee" fandom is so intense that even before the show returned, it was averaging about 15,000 tweets a day from late March on. (Bieber has been averaging about 30,000 a day.)
  • There's talk that for its second full season, Fox will commission 25 episodes of "Glee" rather than the standard 22. Nice try, but that's not nearly enough! My modest proposal: GLEEN, the Glee Network. (It'd be like the Oprah Winfrey Network, but with show tunes.) With GLEEN airing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- resulting, hopefully, in millions of "Glee" tweets that would presumably take over Twitter's entire "Trending Topics" list -- I think it's possible that Twitter could successfully push back at the Canadian tween pop invasion of 2010.

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