The Guardian's Website Lets You Turn Off Royal Baby Coverage

Toggle Switch Asks 'Not a Royalist?'

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A baby-crazy section of the Guardian's home page in the U.S.
A baby-crazy section of the Guardian's home page in the U.S.
On the U.S. homepage of Britain's The Guardian newspaper right now, there's a bit of purple type that reads "Not a royalist?" next to a little toggle button above the grid of main news stories. Click it and something amazing happens: The Guardian's big story of the moment -- plugged on the homepage with the headline "Duchess of Cambridge admitted to hospital in London in early stages of labour" -- disappears.

Yes, it's a sort of on-off switch that can be used to jettison the site's royal baby coverage -- from the homepage, at least. Sadly, it doesn't entirely scrub the coverage from even the homepage; scroll down the page after you've clicked the toggle and -- gah! -- you'll see that the site's Most Read chart still assaults you with royal baby coverage (the No. 1 story currently listed is "Royal baby: Kate admitted to hospital for birth -- live coverage.") But it's the thought that counts, innit?

Meanwhile, as long as I'm doing media-about-media-about-the-royal-baby coverage, a tip of the hat to TMZ, which has the morning's best headline: "Kate Middleton IN LABOR: Get Ready to Bow to Your Tiny Overlord!!!"

Indeed, get ready. You especially, TMZ.

P.S. Just in case you missed this: "Watch Colbert's Hilarious Take on the Royal Baby Watch"

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