If Harry Potter Got Swine Flu, Would Twitter Self-Destruct?

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What did the Twitterverse care about this week?

  • For starters, President Barack Obama, thanks to the buzz surrounding his prime-time press conference. At his peak, on Tuesday, there were 32,554 posts that included Obama in them -- enough to just barely squeak past a certain boy wizard.
  • Health-care reform -- all those words! three of them! -- is clearly too verbose and nuanced a topic for the Twitterati. At its peak, on Wednesday, there were a mere 3,784 Twitter posts using that phrase.
  • Swine flu returned this week as a trending topic on Twitter, thanks to various bursts of alarming news. Some 17,166 tweets on Monday were related to swine flu. Expect the topic to continue to spike again in the days ahead, with today's news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that swine flu could strike up to 40% of Americans in the next two years.
  • Harry Potter continued to be a major Twitter obsession, but from now on I've decided to ignore him unless he gets swine flu, starts campaigning for health-care reform or becomes the new Taco Bell mascot. Speaking of Taco Bell, the fast-food chain peaked as a trending topic on Wednesday, with 11,825 tweets, most of them, presumably, in remembrance of Gidget, the Taco Bell Chihuahua who died this week. Then again, some people may have just wanted to get their Chalupa on, like Twitter user FreakishLozer, who earlier today chose to announce to the Twitterverse: "I want me some Taco Bell." Somewhere in doggy heaven, Gidget's lips are curling into what could be interpreted as a smile.

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