Now That We're Done Hating on Justine Sacco, Let's All Despise Samsung's 'Jack'

Jack Uses His Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch to Pick Up Poor, Clueless Amy

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Here's the best first sentence of a post you'll read all day:

A few weeks ago, I had a drink with my friend Justine Sacco and we talked about what makes for a good Tweet.

That's courtesy of Forbes staffer Jeff Bercovici, who is not joking; he's really friends with (and apparently fond of) Justine "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!" Sacco.

If you want a nuanced view of L'Affair Sacco, read Jeff's post, titled "Justine Sacco And The Self-Inflicted Perils Of Twitter." (For the record, I'm friendly with, and fond of, Jeff.) Or, if you're over that whole controversy already -- and probably you are -- why not shift the object of your rage and condemnation from Justine to Jack? Jack, of course, being the vaguely accented playa-skier in a new web video by Samsung meant to plug its Galaxy Gear Smart Watch.

Jack not only uses his Gear to pick up an all-too-innocent ski bunny named Amy, but to humiliate a fellow non-smart-watch-having ski bro. The internet is not happy about this. (TechCrunch's Greg Kumparak has already declared it to be a serious last-minute contender for the "coveted 'Worst Ad Of The Year' trophy.") After you suffer through the commercial, scroll down for more context.

As my colleague Shareen Pathak put it in a tweet this morning,

A few more tweets from people I don't know:

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