Hollywood Mystery: Who Just Declared War on Nikki Finke?

With the Launch of NikkiStink.com, the Entertainment Industry's Most Vicious Blogger Is Targeted

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Is this the real Nikki Finke?
Is this the real Nikki Finke? Credit: NikkiStink.com

Someone just declared war on notorious entertainment-industry blogger Nikki Finke. NikkiStink.com went live this morning with what it claims are photographs and video of the reclusive Finke. It starts with an open letter to Finke from something called the Committee for Decency in Journalism (whose members are not named):

"For years, you have threatened and bullied the Hollywood community into providing you information so that you could use it to ridicule, abuse and destroy people. You had an opportunity to be a decent person but instead chose to publicly attack industry people, co-workers and other individuals you did not even know without any regard for their personal lives and careers. You have reveled in the joy of letting the community know that people were being fired before they themselves even knew. You have attacked companies and their management without regard for the fallout that was caused and the effect on the companies' employees, investors and the managers themselves ..."

It goes on from there, ultimately warning Finke that "there is much more to be posted here in the next many months, however, what is posted and how much will be determined by your decision on whether or not you continue to hurt people." A numbered list follows, quoting nasty things Finke has written about celebrities and industry figures over the years.

The site was registered anonymously on July 24 via Domains by Proxy. The video embedded at NikkiStink.com comes from the "Nicholas Daring" YouTube channel. Its "About" page is blank and the channel contains just two videos: the one used at NikkiStink.com (also embedded below) titled "Gotja!," and a shorter one titled "Money Shot Video." The former was published on August 24, the latter on August 14, but neither has a video description, so it took NikkiStink.com to link them to Finke.

As of this morning, both videos had views in the mere double digits, but as Hollywood wakes up to NikkiStink.com, those numbers will obviously skyrocket.

The Hollywood Reporter says that it spoke to two sources, "one of whom has met Finke in person in recent years," and both confirm that "the woman in the NikkiStink.com video is the real Nikki Finke."

I've reached out to Nikki Finke for comment -- though, given her past history, if she has any public response, it's likely to be via a scathing post on her own blog.

By the way, back in 2009 Finke contacted the editor of Advertising Age to demand that a column I wrote, titled "Gawker Destroyed Nikki Finke. So Why Doesn't It Matter?," be removed from AdAge.com and that Ad Age issue a retraction and apology. My editors very cordially declined each of her demands and she quietly went away.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" media columnist for Advertising Age. Follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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