How 'Inception' Became the New World Cup (and/or Justin Bieber)

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Some notes about, and context for, the latest weekly Trendrr chart, a collaboration between Advertising Age and social-media tracking service Trendrr Pro:

  • I'm taking a look at Twitter buzz surrounding "Inception" again this week (after last Wednesday's look at pre-opening buzz) because, well, how could I not? "Inception" has quickly become the new Trending Topics constant on Twitter -- a presence as comfortingly redundant as the World Cup was until recently, or Justin Bieber was until the spring (when Twitter changed its algorithm to downplay his Twitter dominance).
  • The post-opening Twitter buzz numbers have been truly breathtaking. ("Inception" did $60 million in its opening weekend box office -- about 20% above its projected take.) A lot of times the buzz about blockbusters will peak at opening, then immediately plummet once fans' curiosity has been satisfied. (The latest "Twilight" installment, for instance, pretty much disappeared from Twitter's Trending Topics list by the Monday after its opening weekend.) "Inception" was named-checked 110,000 times on Twitter on Friday, grew to 125,000 on Saturday, and grew again to 127,000 on Sunday.
  • Last week I wrote, "I predict that impassioned fan interpretations, deconstructions and arguments about the finer points of the plot will cause 'Inception' to totally explode on Twitter this weekend." What's amazing is that it's continuing to dominate Twitter conversation into the workweek, when far fewer people are packing their local multiplexes: "Inception" racked up 101,000 tweets on Monday and 95,000 tweets yesterday.
  • The real beauty of "Inception" as a Twitter meme is that everybody who "got" it wants to talk about how awesome it is, and everybody who didn't "get" it wants to complain about it. As an example of the latter, read this column by Entertainment Weekly critic Owen Gleiberman: "'Inception': Am I the only one who didn't get it?" I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, Yes, Owen Gleiberman, you are the ONLY one who didn't get it. Also: WAKE UP! YOU'RE HAVING A BAD DREAM!!!

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