iPhone 5c: Apple Wants 'Some of That Poor-People Money'

Decoding Apple's Marketing of Its (Slightly) Cheaper, 'Unapologetically Plastic' Phone

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Given that we've already shown you Microsoft's ill-fated iPhone parody video, "A Fly on the Wall in Cupertino," we risk beating a dead horse by showing you "Introducing iPhone 5c -- For the commoner," a clip created by Austin-based comedy shop Humordy. But does it really count as beating a dead horse if we're just pointing out that other people keep beating a dead horse by making fun of Apple?

OK, fine, you're right, it does count. Then again, "For the commoner" takes a slightly different tack in ridiculing Apple: It focuses on decoding Apple's self-conscious marketing of the 5c (e.g., Apple design chief Jony Ives describing it as "beautifully, unapologetically plastic"). Apple investors wanted the company to introduce a cheaper phone for emerging markets, and so Apple did that (sort of), but of course just can't come out and say that. But Humordy can -- by putting words in the mouths of fake, self-congratulatory Apple execs in this parody. Words like, "We thought, We'd like some of that poor-people money. So we designed a more less advanced version of our previous products and marketed them toward this new emerging demographic…"

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