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Have You Entirely Lost Your Appetite for Trump Steaks?

In Belated Celebration of National Make-Fun-of-Donald-Trump Day, Relive Trump Steaks: The Infomercial

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Well, that was fun. Yesterday, in the wake of Donald Trump's announcement that he would not be running for president, the media got all slap-happy. The editors at helpfully pulled together "Trump opts out of 2012: A mockery roundup," while over at, Elspeth Reeve assembled a fun round-up of highlights (?) from The Donald's short-lived non-pre-campaign or pre-non-campaign -- or whatever the hell that was.

I'm sort of in a nostalgic mood too, because yesterday a reader reminded me that almost four years ago, I wrote about Trump's accidentally hilarious tendency toward brand dilution in a column titled "Dead Meat: Steak Play Is Another Awful Brand Move by Trump". At the time, he'd just appeared on the cover of The Sharper Image catalog touting the "Exclusive Introduction!" of "TRUMP STEAKSTM: THE WORLD'S GREATEST STEAKS." Yes, mail-order steaks in a box (make that mail-order steaks "individually sealed, flash frozen, carefully packed in dry ice and shipped to you in a distinctive black-and-gold Trump SteaksTM presentation box"). This was just as NBC was getting sick of "The Apprentice" -- before Trump breathed new life into it by making it "Celebrity Apprentice" -- and before The Sharper Image catalog and retail-store business went belly up.

Though The Sharper Image is back online (revived by a private investment firm that picked up some assets post-Chapter 11), you can't find the delightfully cheesetastic Trump Steaks infomercial, which I'd linked to back in 2007, on anymore. Naturally, though, it's still on YouTube and, in the spirit of the moment, I'm gratuitously inflicting it on you now. My apologies!

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" media columnist for Advertising Age. Follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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