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Day 4 of Dumenco's 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways

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Last week, to kick off the year-end Media Guy's Pop Pick giveaways of some of my favorite media of the year, I highlighted a very funny coffee-table book, a brilliant British political satire on DVD and the hilariously offensive Christmas special, also on DVD, from one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

But what are holidays without food? Specifically, bad food -- or at least food that's bad for you? I didn't want to be sending any fruitcakes in the mail (plus, calling a fruitcake a form of media is a stretch even for me), so instead I've picked a, uh, cookbook: "This Is Why You're Fat: Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks." Brought to you by Jessica Amason (viral-media editor at BuzzFeed) and Richard Blakeley (the video editor at Gawker), it's essentially a curated selection of some of the most awesomely gross culinary concoctions created by readers of their photo blog of the same name, which became something of an instant media sensation when it launched earlier this year. Stuff like the Twinkie Weiner Sandwich, the Deep-Fried MoonPie Burger, and Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies. With (cough) recipes.

It's my pick for the Most Disgustingly Awe-Inspiring Blog-to-Book Book of the Year. Maybe you want one of the two copies I'm giving away in my random drawing? See the details below.

P.S. Stay tuned: There are 8 more days of picks (and 16 more giveaways) to come.

THE FINE PRINT: To enter the random drawing for one of two copies of "This Is Why You're Fat" in this informal Media Guy's Pop Pick giveaway, send me an e-mail with "Fat book" in the subject line on or before December 31 (the cut-off is 12 midnight EST). You must have a valid U.S. mailing address and be 18 or older.

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