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Fans of the wonderful Firefox web browser already know that it's more nimble and customizable than other options (e.g., Microsoft's bloated Internet Explorer). One of the best things about it is that indie developers are constantly creating free add-ons that make Firefox even more awesome. My latest favorite? Answers, written by Asher Szmulewicz, which is a clever bit of code that, once you've installed it (it takes like a minute), allows you to instantly call up all kinds of information about any word on your browser screen, no matter what website you're visiting.

All you do is highlight a word, hold down the Alt key (or Option on a Mac) and click. Upon letting go, a little "Pop-up Video"-style bubble pops up with an abstract of information about the word in question, culled from the excellent site. Just visit to get this free download. And be sure to click on the Add-ons tab on the (home of Firefox), where you can download other Firefox freebies.
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