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In a universe ruled by Steve Jobs, in which Microsoft is stuck recalling Xboxes when it could be focusing on improving Vista, PC Magazine has had to keep reinventing itself. Last week, it elevated Lance Ulanoff to VP-content/editor in chief of the entire PC Magazine network.

In addition to being the magazine's product-review czar, Ulanoff's the guy who's been behind the rapid growth of and its sibling sites, including a favorite of mine that I'm highlighting this week:, a blog that offer frank assessments of software, sites and web apps. It's one way that I stay on top of web stuff that I'd otherwise be pretty clueless about, such as Wegor (a social-networking travel site), MojoBaby (a mobile blogging service) and Trezr (a web-bargain aggregator). Spend 10 or so minutes a week skimming AppScout, and you can fake being all-knowing about the web's (possibly) Next Big Things.
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