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You've got to love a media company that shuts down one of its properties not with a terse, pained press release (e.g., see Time Inc.'s Teen People R.I.P.) but with a hilariously self-loathing, rambling post-mortem titled "Goodbye Forever." That's how Gawker Media's Sploid site went down last week (see, and it makes you wonder how many other high-profile blogs are due to similarly flame out (or quietly peter out).

Because virtually every blogger I've talked to lately has been agonizing about what finished off Sploid: soft traffic. Think of just about any big-name blog, plug its URL into and chances are you'll see reach, rank and page views all trending noticeably downward. The numbers at Alexa (which uses a rather obtuse sampling algorithm) are always a bit dicey, but trend lines this blatant are (sadly) meaningful. So what's going on? Summer malaise? Real saturation? An extended blip? MySpace sucking everyone's traffic away? Blog amongst yourselves -- I'm going to go watch TV.
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