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NEW YORK ( -- The viral marketing campaign for "Borat" has been so effective, so omnipresent, that you almost (almost!) didn't need to go see the movie this past weekend. Now we can all look forward to the DVD release, which is going to be awesome, because there's so much stray viral Borat material already floating around out there that can be larded on as DVD extras. (I predict it'll be the best-selling comedy DVD since the "Chapelle's Show" first-season box set.) Need a quick fix of potential DVD extras now? Surf away:

Cheese, a scene deleted from "Borat" in which "Borat tours a grocery store with the supermarket manager" (search for the user "boratmovie" on YouTube).

Doctor, a deleted scene in which "Borat discusses the sexually transmitted diseases he has had in his life, some contrived [sic] from his sister, as a stoic doctor takes notes" (also via "boratmovie").

Police, a deleted scene in which Borat is pulled over by Dallas cops and "warns them about a cavity search because of all the Cinnabon he had eaten previously."
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